Increased Business – Never lose a customer new or old:

Make the most of having a real person answering your calls.  With a professional Call Answering Service your company will appear to have its own receptionist who, not only answers your calls but can determine whether the call is legitimate or not, screening your calls and ultimately saving you from making unnecessary calls.


Enjoy the free time – No need to worry about work:

Being self-employed you might find it difficult to take time off, but with a Virtual Office all calls are covered and client’s expectations are met.  This will allow you to enjoy holidays with the family or just some time to yourself enabling you to forget about anything work related.


Permanent and dedicated location:

Having a business address doesn’t just mean your business is “located” here – extra benefits include the use of the business lounge, access to meeting rooms and a meet and greet service provided by our friendly reception staff to you, and your visitors.


Never have to worry about missing an important piece of post/ parcel:

It’s always a pain when you miss that vital delivery even though you only popped out for 20 minutes.  With a business address there is never a worry that you’ll miss an important piece of post or have to think about fitting in an inconvenient trip to the post office to collect your parcel – our staff are always on hand to accept your post during working hours.


Get the personalised touch:

You can make sure the service is suited to your needs by choosing how phone calls will be answered, how you’d like to be contacted and whether you’d like to collect your post or have it sent to you. Having a service that meets your needs will help you run your business smoothly and meet the needs of your clients too.


Windows for networking opportunities:

There are so many different opportunities to take advantage of when having a Virtual Office.  You’ll be included in emails regarding Networking events, Social events or when visiting the business centre there is always someone to chat to.


Cost saving:

A Virtual Office can save your business from a lot of unnecessary costs such as meeting someone in a coffee shop, travelling to and from an office or employing a receptionist. It’s a great service for anyone starting up a new business, working from home or looking to expand their business in multiple locations.