Over the years many things have changed in the business world. Who remembers wearing a power tie or sending a fax?  However an enduring aspect is that there will always be a need for meetings and collaboration. 

This blog sets out just a few examples why we still need meeting rooms, and the benefits a hired meeting room/specific space can provide. To:

  • Meet with Prospective Clients

To meet with new clients you need somewhere suited to their profession – if it’s marketing maybe a funky meeting place, if it’s more traditional a meeting room in a local Business Centre. By sourcing a meeting room best suited to meet your prospective client you can engineer a great first impression. A hired meeting room can be the perfect solution, especially if your “office” is on a building site.

  • Interview Future Employees

Holding interviews in the work place can have its problems – creating resentment with existing employees and causing unwanted gossip while the, sometimes, lengthy process is undertaken. By having an off-site meeting you can set aside a dedicated time period with no interruptions or distractions that arise from everyday business matters, reducing the time involved in finding that new member of staff whilst keeping the Chinese whispers to a minimum.

  • Hold Staff Meetings and Training Courses

Problems can arise when holding staff meetings or training courses on-site – there’s not enough room for everyone, or the space you have isn’t appropriate plus someone has to put time aside to organise the space and provide refreshments preventing them from being fully involved in the session.

External meetings rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and offer a variety of extras including but not limited to refreshments, catering, overhead projectors, conference communication technology, whiteboards, minute taking and meeting room hosts to ensure the entire session runs to plan. This makes them a cost effective way to hold group meetings or even training courses.

  • Undertake Disciplinary Hearings

When undertaking a disciplinary hearing it is not appropriate for the employer or employee to feel that they have an audience. To be able to use a small quiet space where no one around will know you or be able to hear what is going on will make the situation easier to deal with for both parties and often the impartial surroundings can keep tempers to a minimum.

  • Have a Virtual Meeting

You may feel that a Meeting Room has no place in a Virtual world however every now and again you might need to make a video conference call or attend a Virtual Meeting, but not have the necessary technology due to the expense. Hiring a meeting room, that not only provides a quiet space away from the office but also a place with up-to-date conferencing/videoing facilities can help your meeting run as smoothly as possible.

To sum it up – there are many external venues available that can cater for all types of meetings and are perfect for making a great impression. The versatility and the opportunity to meet with whoever, wherever expands your workplace like never before.

With such a variety available to you why would you want to discuss a brand new business idea in a noisy coffee shop ever again!!