A massive benefit of having a serviced office is the FREE opportunities you have right on your door step.


Increased business

Networking with people in the same building creates opportunities for new business.  With so many different businesses around you there is always someone who can benefit from your business and vice versa.  Once you’ve helped someone by demonstrating your expertise you are then on their radar and it’s only a short time until they recommend you.


There are always new opportunities out there, and always someone else trying to promote them to you.   You shouldn’t limit your networking just to your office neighbour but find out whether other people in the building are attending larger network meetings and join in!  Business shows, and network events are also a great way to attend either as a visitor or an exhibitor.

Instant Research

You really don’t have to go that far to be able to get your new ideas out!  Speak to a few different businesses in the building to get feedback.  Depending on the feedback you receive this will help you decide on whether you need to reach out to the general public or go back to the drawing board.

Raising your profile

Word of mouth is a great way to raise your profile and easily done with a Serviced Office.  All you need to do is make contact with as many people in the building as you can and let them spread the word!  It can be difficult when you’re a one man band trying to reach out to everyone, but start off small and build on your successes.


They do say it’s not what you know but who you know!  Having a great source of connections will help in making your business successful.  Imagine you’re having a problem with your computer and you can’t get anyone out the same day to fix it, but then you remember a conversation you had with Mick down the corridor who used to be an IT technician – problem solved!


You don’t have to feel lonely working on your own all day every day.  Seeing the same faces can build up good friendships between one and another.  It’s always nice to come into a working environment and be able to have a chat with someone when you’re making yourself a tea or coffee or just need a little stretch.