A physical office for some business sectors can be an unnecessary expense, with new modern technology all you need is internet access to run your company from anywhere in the world.


Cloud computing is normally provided by a third party as a software service e.g. Office 365. These technology based systems provide you with all the latest updates keeping you ahead of the game.  The cloud can be accessed and shared through any device that has internet access helping you still keep in the loop with work whilst on the move.

The cloud storage is backed up to thousands of different servers making it highly resilient and reducing the likelihood of anything being lost.  Plus you have the added security of knowing who exactly can access your account.

Working from anywhere in the world, at any time is now a reality being adopted by many companies.   Cloud storage is a fanatic way for everyone in the company to be able to collaborate on one project at the same time, for example a group can be editing the same spreadsheet/document and communicating in real time.  Another example could be teachers who need to upload work for their students and vice versa enabling everyone to have access to specific folders.

Using the cloud can be a very cost effective way to work, as the various services are generally on a subscription basis with no upfront costs.   As this service makes it easy to work from anywhere this allows you to work from home at no added expense, on the move in cafes or serviced offices, abroad whilst on holiday or at work always keeping additional office costs to a minimum.

If dove tailed with our Telephone Answering Service and our Business Address Solution you wouldn’t need the added expense of having a receptionist either.  Together with cloud computing this would be the perfect start up package for any business sector.